Airbrush Makeup

We work with the revolutionary make-up system, “Airbrush”. Everybody already heard about it because it is not as new as we think, it was created at the 80’s but many persons still don’t know all its functions and effects.

An airbrush is a small, air-operated tool that sprays various media by a process of nebulization. Regarding the make-up is he newest in HD (high definition) technology. The HD make-up system includes the equipment (gun + compressor) and high definition cosmetics.

The addiction of these factors results in the HD make-up definition that stays many hours without retouching, captures light in the best possible way and give this wonderful effect making the skin looks perfect!

The airbrush make-up pulverization gives a remarkable difference in the skin, like a film, almost invisible. When the HD make-up is fixed, the micro-granules that simulate “pixels” dry and they are captured by the HD digital cameras with the best quality while sponges and brushes leave lines and marks within the make-up application (even we can’t see it with our eyes, it’s captured on the digital cameras). The Airbrush places smooth make-up on the skin in the way it doesn’t leave any visible mark to the HD lenses.

There are many benefits over the airbrush, among them the application’s speed, the coverage, the fixation, the hygiene (less tools in contact with the skin) and the best benefit is on the final result: a wonderful and natural smooth application difficult to be reached with another make-up application method.

We had the opportunity to work in an editorial in New York City and we took this opportunity to put into practice all our knowledge regarding the airbrush, the results were incredible and not just the photographers liked it but also the models, check out the testimony from one of the models:

I think that these types are even not comparable, as airbrush method is a winner without any doubts. Such smooth and even coverage; all break-outs, disadvantages and imperfections of skin are totally covered with no exceptions, face skin glows and looks even. Normal make-up, in my opinion, doesn’t give same results, just because usual brushes waste a lot of product by holding it on themselves. Also there is direct contact with skin while using a brush, so you can see specific marks.

Model Anna Kei (New York)

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